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July 2020
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Songbird Wendy Ford


Socially Aware singer / songwriter / musical director / teacher / healer / workshop and event coordinator. 


Spirited songstress celebrating the power of music to heal, uplift and unite humanity…cultivating world harmony one voice at a time.


Now that’s out of the way, let me welcome you back to Spring in the Southern Hemisphere where I currently reside, and beckoning Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (the U S of A.) I do miss the Autumn colours in New England but am thrilled by the colours of the brilliant Banksia, the heady fragrance of jasmine, and the lengthening days.


I know it’s been a long time between updates. I’ve been busy chasing sponsorship for the North Coast Entertainment Industry Association (NCEIA) annual Dolphin Music Awards to take place in December, and getting involved as regional coordinator of Wax Lyrical song / poetry workshops through the Australian Songwriters Association. Watch this space for more details on these events as they unfold.


I now welcome you to browse, check out gig dates, request to buy a CD, or book a gig or workshop. Though currently in Northern New South Wales in Australia, I will advise when I am travelling back to Florida if you’re interested in connecting.


Gone Country – as I have often been told I sound like Eva Cassidy and Joni Mitchell, I am now targeting the country / folk / roots market with my music. Watch this space, though, as I will also include uplifting and devotional music. I’ll keep you posted.


Where am I based?


In the beautiful Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. Close to Lismore, Byron Bay, Ballina, Lennox Head, Nimbin and places in between!


Previously I have lived and played in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Fraser Island as well as the US (see my Bio for more details.)


What do I do?


Performance at house concerts, markets, cafes, festivals and private functions:

I have performed popular music over the years as a pro entertainer, from solo to bands. These days however I am compelled to include songs and more of my original works which are generally of an uplifting, inspiring nature to lift spirits and shift some of the polluting energies that have settled into our communities of late: greed, anger, complacency, disenfranchisement, anxiety, depression, etc. I feel that people and the planet are in great need of healing, and music is one way to shift the energies that are lowering the earth’s vibrations and standing in between us and our highest potentials. Maybe this was prophesied in the 70’s with the Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations, lol!


I love it when people sing along, so a common theme in my writing is a recurring chant or simple chorus that the audience is invited to join me in with joyful abandon, no experience required (I refer to my Lovemore and Burning Man songs as examples of this.) Music is often the best medicine for what ails you!


See Products and Services for more information.


I am happy to write and record songs for your special project or event! Just give me an ideal of style and theme. You will note below that I wrote themed songs for both 2013 events Aquarius in Lovemore and for Burning Man. I also wrote and performed a song for the Sydney Paralympics in 2000.


While the existing Demo page has samples of some of my older material, it does not yet feature my newer songs. However, for an idea of my current material, please feel free to check out my performance at the 2013 Burning Man Festival in Black Rock, Nevada here. If you like it, please leave a comment!


You can also catch me here with a couple of songs at the 2013 inaugural Aquarius in Lovemore (Lismore/Nimbin Aquarian festival) at the Star Court Theatre, Lismore with guitarist Lez Karsky (ex-Bondi Cigars), who supported me when my arm was broken. (Note: I had just finished writing the song for the festival, hence the cheat sheet!)


Tuition and workshops – I offer both private and group tuition in vocals, guitar, piano and songcraft. See Products and Services for more details.


Do you have CDs?


Yes, see the Products and Services page. At present I have my award-winning debut CD recorded in Sydney with my band Whisker in the late 90’s. I am also marketing The Beckoning, a 7-track CD of previously recorded material, and have another CD soon to offer. I am also in the process of recording new songs, but this is an expensive venture, as some of you may know! Donations are welcome towards this effort and entitle you to special rewards.


In the meantime, to get a taste of my sound to-date, check out the Demo page. Note that in live performance I am normally solo-acoustic on guitar.


I offer private guitar, piano and songwriting tuition at your home, just call or email me for more information.


I conduct workshops on songwriting, Singing for your Soul and Raising Your Voice. You may contact me to request a workshop, or check back regularly to see what’s on the calendar.


As part of my healing approach, I continue to write and perform positive music as well as to study and offer massage and reiki. Simply call or email if interested in one of these services.


Blessings to all – have a harmonious day!




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