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July 2020
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For performance or workshop bookings, or to request lessons, contact Wendy at or call 0466 495 426. I will travel for festivals, given ample notice.

If you are interested in my upcoming CD or other recordings when available, please email me with ‘mailing list’ in the Subject line.

11 Responses to Wendy Ford

  • Paul Joseph says:

    Hi Wendy
    Great music and well produced – and a very impressive website.

    I wonder if you could send me a pic and bio appropriate for our program.

    Will be in touch in the next few days for accurate performance times etc. as our musical director, Terry Villis is still completing the program arrangements.

    If you are interested in being more involved in assisting the event with your impressive skill set we are a small group in need of more help.

    You can contact me on 0401 275099

    Very best wishes and thanks for connecting,
    Paul Joseph

  • Sandra Breylinger says:

    I saw you at Center Camp at Burning Man. You were fabulous. I loved your Burning Man song. If you ever record it I would LOVE a copy!

    Your words lifted my spirit that day. Thank you!

    • Wendy Joy Ford says:

      Hi Sandra,

      I certainly hope I replied to this message originally! Thank you so much for your kindness. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 years since I sang at Burning Man. it was on our bucket list to do, and we do hope to get back one day but coming from Australia is very expensive! I have been without a home studio and paying big $$ to record stuff these past few years, but the Burning Man song “This is How We Burn” is high on the list. I am building a small set up at home so should at least be able to do a demo or a candid youtube upload. Too many songs, too litte time and $, the lament of many an artist. Hoping you are well in your world. :)

  • marlene and pauline says:

    Hi Wendy,ihope you rember pauiline and myself ,we meet you in glastonbury for the winter sol stice pauline went back to glastonbury tothe chalis welland and the program she bought had you init walking a round the bonfire she would like to send it to you so if you would liike it could you pleas let me have a address to send it to you , hope you are keeping well and look forward to hearing from you soon love Marlene

  • marlene and pauline says:

    Hi Wendy ,Hope every thing well in your universe,was wondering if you recived the booklet from the chali ce well isent you love Pauline &Marlenexxx

  • Jo Hanna says:

    Hey there Wendy!

    Please contact me!!! WHISKER!!!!!

    Love Jo x

  • Sherry says:

    Hej söta du!Tråkigt det som hänt. Fint ändå att du känner att du kan ta nya tag och se framåt. Det är strongt gjort! (Skriver jag med känslan av stor beundran i orden :o)Så fint det du målat! Byrån är jättecharmig. Och den typ av skåp blir ju så himla fina i vitt. Finare än nytt!Ha det nu så gott och trevlig helg på derjaBmsek!amen Monika

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    • Cathleen says:

      I love the haircut! It looks great! Fear and trying new things, or putting myself out there is one of those things I struggle with consatntly. The unknown is a serious pain in the neck!

  • Donk, you have to go to wordpress and make one, not just using your filmdrunk one. Or at least that was my problem. I created a new one, changed image and nickname and came back and it magically changed the posts associated with my email on this site. I still don’t know how to stay logged in on this site or if that’s even possible.

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